Sponge and Old People

If the title sounds a little odd, that’s fine. The purpose of calling it ‘Sponge and Old People’ is to give a cuddly feeling to the old timers out there. I’m sure some of you out there don’t have any ‘cuddly’ experiences with an old man and a stick. Let’s just keep that out for later. 

Why old people are cool

Here, keeping in mind that you all are in your 10-50s, let me tell you why old people are cool. Most people look at oldies in a stereotyped manner. ‘They’re slow’ or ‘Weak’ comes to one’s mind… generally speaking. 

But I live in an area where more than fifty percent of the people are oldies. Just take a stroll around here in the mornings or evenings and you’ll see groups of them sitting and killing time. They really have nothing much to do anyway, provided that they’re retired. 

So looking at them for years together, I would say that they can’t be stereotyped in any damn way. They are in fact the most humane creatures ever existing. Not all people though as a few of them still have their brains intact. They’re humane for they speak all their heart out most of the times. Let me give you an example.

Lady by the lamp post…

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I was with a couple of my friends and we were fooling around over some movie by the street. It was about 5 in the evening and they had to go back home. I did too. I’d parked my scooter by the footpath. I sat on it to head back my way. Right before where I had parked my scooter was a lamp post and under it was an old lady standing.

Her cheeks were sucked in. She was fairly old, given the wrinkles all over her. With her dark skin and deep inward curves under her brow, it was difficult to see who she was looking at. But somehow I did feel she was staring at me. She wore a stern look which made me cringe. I looked at her for a moment, then I gave her a smile to see what would happen.

The way her face changed from the stern, typical stranger look turned to a contented face with a warm smile melted me away for a while. She didn’t stop there. She came near to me and pinched my cheeks with both her hands. 

“You look just like my grandson,” She stammered weakly, yet in a joyful manner. She spoke in the native language of the region, Kannada. She went on speaking her heart out about her grandson.

I didn’t bother about to listen to the details of her grandson but that moment, that instant, was a bliss. I was actually late for something back home but until this lady stopped speaking, I decided to stay.

Because that is the deal with oldies. They are all just like us, except that they’ve crossed most of the stages. Now they need someone to share it with.

Relating to Sponge

Let me now elaborate on why I said ‘Sponge’ before. I find old-timers to be just like a sponge. 

Their whole lives, they dip themselves and get themselves soaked in so many different things. Now they’re heavy. They now can say they ‘did it all’, but still, are heavy. Just like I mentioned in my recent article Love and Relationships, humans are flawed beings. 

They need to squeeze themselves to float like the rest of us. They’re all just like us… or maybe older versions of us. Some are kind, some are generous, and some are cranky. But they all are… the way that they are… only because of what they’ve been through their whole lives. Their behaviour now is like a reflection of they’ve all been through. 

If an old man comes to you one day, don’t run away. Try to stay and listen to him. Maybe you’ll find whatever he has to say boring and even irritable. But he has to let you go at one time, so just let him. Keep in mind that you’ll be in that position one day too. One day it will be you who’ll be walking around like a madman, so respect it.



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