Story 3: Sports Day

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Before I begin this story on sports, I would like to make some things clear.

  1. These stories are real, only to a small extent. So far, I have not mentioned anyone’s name and I won’t. I do this to avoid controversies among people who have no better work to do than comment behind others backs. 
  2. The main purpose of these stories is to entertain people. Some of the deeds of the characters might be exaggerated. The only objective here is to make people laugh.
  3. There was never an intention to hurt someone or a group of individuals through these stories and never will there be. That is not what this website is made for.

So chill, this is a story, and will always remain just a story, nothing more. Now you can go ahead… have a drink.

Beginning the day…

Beep beep …beep beep …beep beep… I stopped my screaming watch and threw it. When I woke up …good news, it was lying on the table. Bad news, I was late, as usual.

It was Annual Sports Day, it was 7 in the morning. I was appointed with the music authority, popularly known as “The DJ” though I’ve never handled a real one. Basically, my job was to collect a number of songs which would make people dance and play them. I had got a few extra songs in my mind the previous night, now I had to add them. After adding them and gobbling up my breakfast (which I never bothered to see what it was), I took my tab in which had stored all the songs. Dressed up with whatever I could find in the cupboard. I had only two pants, so I picked one which was less dirty-looking. 

My neck scarf!

As I walked to the grounds where the sports events were taking place, I called up my relative. Some time ago, I had left my neck scarf back at their home which was about half a mile from my place. I decided that I would look cool with the neck scarf when the music goes on and I’m on stage. Determined to get the scarf, no matter what. 

Let me not go into details, but highlights: I sped down the road with the scooter belonging to my friend (I had stolen the keys) and nearly reached my relative’s college in order to get my neck scarf. By the time I reached back to the grounds and returned the keys, my hair strands were standing on their ends. My friend, the bear (a character from my previous storylooked at me as I handed him the keys and asked, “What the hell happened to your face?” 

Due to the high speed of the scooter, tears had flown down my eyes. I showed up my neck scarf and replied, “I got this.” He continued looking, then slowly clenching his fists, “You took my scooter to get that piece of shit?” he shouted. 

“It was a necessity dude!” I said indignantly.

“That’s no bloody way a necessity right now, you son of a…” This went on for some time… 


Then came the assembly. The entire college was standing on the ground and I was up on stage. Most were in their uniforms, I wasn’t. I didn’t know why I was up there as the music would be starting after the assembly. So I just stood there listening to some of the other volunteers anchoring. 

I found some of these volunteers odd though, as they came up on stage for every damn event that took place. The college population is probably about 700 excluding staff, but still, the same students were given chance every single time. Well, who am I to speak about it? Moving on…

What I thought was easy…

Leave easy, I actually thought I would thoroughly enjoy myself being in charge of setting music… well it wasn’t. It wasn’t boring, it was pressurizing! I felt the sportsmen in front of me on the ground, who were drenched in sweat under the hot sun, were luckier than me. Turning on the music wasn’t difficult. But once, the music was on, then came the real heat. 

On the left side, the bleachers consisted of boys and girls on the other. The stage was in between and I was there. The ground lay ahead of us. Along with me, the staff members of the college sat. As the songs started up, one lecturer came up and took my tablet out, and plugged in his own phone. He started some Kannada music which I’d never heard before and which I WISHED I would never hear again. As he did, I looked at the person who had given me this authority. He signaled, “It’s alright, there’s nothing that can be done for now.” So I relaxed a bit. 

Then two girls from the right end shouted, “Put some good songs!” I looked up. Then my eyes opened up. I looked on the right, many were looking at me for the choice of song that I had decided to play. I had never put up the shitty music in the first place, that wasn’t my idea. Then I looked up at the left, 1 guy was like, “bere haad siglila an ninga?” (which meant, Didn’t you find anything better?). 

Okay, I couldn’t just sit now. After a while of politely telling and then vigorously commanding the lecturer to plug out his phone and music, I switched back the music which was to be originally played.

A thing about music

As it turns out, we know that everyone has different tastes in music. I love those people who just keep their tastes to themselves, and adjust to whatever is going on. But here, those people were less in number… at least through my eyes. When I put one of Martin Garrix’s song, the boys went wild and even started dancing. The girls on the other hand just looked at the scene. I believed it my responsibility that everyone was satisfied with the music that I played. That was damn tough to achieve.

To make things harder, a few lecturers told me to keep the volume down, and when this was done, the students on both ends would taunt, “Music …music… ” all looking at me as though I was the culprit. 

The next morning, I played the song “Alai- Wave of Bliss” by Isha Foundation. A pretty peaceful song if you ask me. Some lecturers even said, “Great choice!” until one lecturer shouted, “Thagile adda!” which meant, “Remove that!”

Later I asked the Sports Committee head why some didn’t like that song, he replied, “Hucchra avara” which meant, “They’re stupid, that’s why”.

When Cricket began…

I had some songs listed to play during the matches. One of them was the evergreen IPL tune. Our vice principal told me that whenever there was a ‘wicket’ or a ‘four’ or a ‘six’, I should be playing the IPL tune. And for the usual time, some other songs would be playing. It was easier said than done. The sixes and fours came at unexpected times and most of the times I was never ready with the IPL tune. 

Here and then,  the vice principal who was given a mike would slowly chant, “Manas .. manas…manas” and everyone would turn their heads in slow motion like one of those Indian serials. And as I prepared to play the IPL tune, I would smile at him and point up my index finger, ‘One sec!’ which made the girls giggle on the right end… they giggled at most of the things anyway.

Fast Forward

So this is how the two days of my Sports Day went. Those two entire nights were restless. How could I sleep peacefully? I had the IPL tune ringing in my head the entire time. Towards the end, I just escaped to the badminton courts and had pretty nice games with some of the animals, the wild boar, and the chicken. You would know if you read my last story

Anyway apart from this, I participated in 400 meter-running… I came first in it…from last. Also participated in shotput, got disqualified. Somewhere at the end, a girl named, “Z” asked me, “How was your experience as the DJ?”

I looked at her, then looked up and replied, “I feel like I’m JB…” 

She started backing away…I continued, “as I’m extremely well-known around here and the most hated at the same time.” 

Then she ran away. Well, that went well, I thought. There are so much actually to tell here. More about the strange stuff that happened…

Oh, about my neck scarf, a girl said I looked horrible..literally horrible.. with it so I kept it in after a while.

I did not think this sports story would go this long. But still, thank you for your patience for reading till the end, if there is anyone of course! So that was my experience of the Sports day. Share your sports experience if you’d like in the comments below!

Stay tuned! There are more coming up soon! Until next time…







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    It was nice experience. I remembered my annual sports meet of my clg days . I felt happy by reading this . Thanks manas.

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