Story 6: Hemorrhaging money

Part 1

Let’s see what happened a few days prior to this…


16th March 2019... 8:55 pm... maybe

I was on a call with a friend of mine, Chihuahua. She’s the chihuahua because for 1. She looks small but a month older

2. She’s just dumb… probably more than chihuahuas. 

We were deciding to meet up after the completion of our annual examination (the next day… after tomorrow). We’d thought of going to a restaurant for lunch on 19th March. There would be me, her along with her cousin. At that moment, the bear called through my mom’s phone. 

So before ending the call with the chihuahua, we made a final decision to have lunch at 2:30 in the afternoon in a particular restaurant (confidential). Just keep the time in mind. 

Downhill stuff… typical 

I picked up the bear’s call. I guess I shouldn’t have because things started downhill from there. He asked what would we do after examinations. I wanted to say I had made some plans for the day after but the bear never did take no for an answer. 

And we (bear, wild boar, chicken, rabbit … all the animals from my old stories) were tired of restaurants in town… so we’d once thought of going to the “city” nearby… Hubli. For a movie and lunch basically… something which all the kids around did once in a while, for a change. So I decided we would postpone this to the day after.

I told him of my plans on 19th March and it was decided, we’d all meet up on 20th. That’s when the wild boar (the most popular animal of the series) texted he was busy from 20th itself. 

So whatever we had to do, it had to be on 19th. Shit. I suggested a morning show so that I could still join chihuahua and her cousin in the afternoon.

“Dude, how about in the morning?” I asked. The bear replied, “Bro…” I thought he would give a reason why the morning wouldn’t be ideal, instead, he continued, “F*ck you.”

Well, that was expected. Apart from drug addicts, who would go for a movie on a Monday morning anyway? I’d once heard a comedian Sumit Anand say he went to movies on Monday mornings, just to keep in touch with the reality of the world. 

I don’t know how movies expressed realities of the world in any damn way but I guess it would for a drug addict.

So that option was out. No movie in the morning…

Another beautiful thing

I had to tell chihuahua about this… but another beautiful thing happened the next moment. My mom called me to her room and said, “You have to pick up dodamma at the railway station… (you won’t believe this) at 2:30 in the afternoon on 19th.” To those of you who don’t know what/who dodamma is, it is a Kannada word. It refers to a particular family relative. Let’s just keep it right there with no elaboration. 

That was it. Now EVERYTHING was messed up. I had my last exam day after tomorrow. English. Now with all this, nothing would go in my head… nothing ever went to my head, but you get the idea. 

So I just went straight to bed with everything swirling in my mind. Dodamma… chihuahua… wild boar… English…the bear… English… the chicken… fat girls… wait, where did that come from?




Part 2 coming soon! (I'm just too bored to write now)



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