Swimming as a sport

“Work out, not only to make yourself look good, but also to feel good”

I’ve never been very concerned about my body fitness until recently. Probably it started because of my age. I’ll be actually turning 17 by next month. I used to jog  occasionally before in order to reduce my belly. But a couple of months ago, my friend started going to the pool managed by the government. I went swimming along for the first two days, then it became a routine. I was already a swimmer at the time, as I’d taken about three years coaching in Batam Riau, Indonesia. But my friend wasn’t.

In the first week itself, he caught cold. As we go to the pool at 6:30 in the morning when its chilly and everyone else puts their blankets over their heads, it was obvious to catch a cold. But I dragged him to the pool again, knowing about his cold, and eventually it got better. Once you make up your mind to maintain a routine, your body has no other choice but to get used to it. I usually have to go to college after my swimming. Initially, I used to slightly doze off the first two classes, but soon I got rid of it. What’s more? I become more active when I swim!

Swimming, according to me, is the best sport. It’s the one sport that requires movement of all parts of the body. Over the past couple of months, my body has been changing rapidly. Well, I’ve got to say, the change does come with a few disadvantages. All my clothes, especially my pants, slowly drop down as I walk which does sound quite humorous. Looking up on the bright side, my stamina has been boosting up without a doubt.

Some people with skin issues do have questions like “what about tanning?” and “how does chlorine affect our body?” and I was one of them as I do have pimples on my face. In order to avoid tanning, I go to swim early in the morning when the sun isn’t out yet. But that isn’t enough, is it. I’ve tried various sun screens, which never worked that much for me. But coconut oil does have its effect. I apply a small amount of coconut oil on my face before I dive in, so there hasn’t been much change in my skin color. In fact my mom told me my skin appears slightly brighter now which is kind of a shock to me.

Whenever I have to drop swimming for a day, my day just doesn’t feel complete. I usually get a problem sleeping on those days, which reminds me to tell you, that swimming, or any other sort of outdoor sport enhances your sleeping quality. In overall, I’d like to say, if you’re practicing a sport, keep it up. But if you aren’t, you better start soon to experience the difference!


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