Talent Desire Review: Is it Legit? (2020)

Talent Desire Review
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 Is TalentDesire legit? No, TalentDesire is not legit. It’s a site with a bunch of ads with no actual earning system. They want you to spend more time on the site to earn more from those ads- and hope you click them as well. In this Talent Desire review, we shall see all about it.

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A couple of days ago, I made a review on Hiresine and I went through a couple of searches to find out if there are more similar sites. Well, guess what? Talent Desire is the exact same sort of scam as Hiresine. It’s funny how these sites fit in so well with the rest of the search results. I’ll explain all about it in this Talent Desire review.

Speaking of Talent Desire and Hiresine, either both of these sites have the same people running them. Or one of them copied the idea later on (Talent Desire is relatively new, so it’s possible). Because when you look at both sites closely, they both place ads on Google Search on keywords like- ‘Paid writing Jobs’. Also, both of them have partnered with Google Adsense. Which, by the way, places ads on their sites that relate to their content.

When one places ads that offer the same services as that of their own website- They’re bound to lose traffic. It’s no rocket-science logic here. I run Adsense on this site too, but this is a blog with content. If there are ads of other blogs with similar content, I don’t ‘lose traffic’ as I don’t provide any other services apart from the content here. That is, of course, content that actually helps!

Talentdesire: Tricky Ads and Adsense

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If you’ve been to their site, it would usually be through the Ads on Google search results. The ones that they place on their own of course. These ads show up on the first page of the results. If they really had authority and were legitimate as their site seems, then TalentDesire could have made use of SEO.

So why not use SEO? Simple, there is no system that the algorithm can go through. If they decided to spend on SEO instead of ads, they’d have to spend way more to pull it off. So they decided the easier way around- search result ads. TalentDesire is only a site with piles of useless content. They hope you spend more time on it so they can earn more through the ads on the sides. Speaking of ads, they placed ads on search results, and when you go to their site, what do you see? Ads of other writing sites!

They spend money on ads and yet allow ads of other sites with similar writing services on their own website. A legitimate site offering services like these would NOT do this. It can damage their own users. However, since TalentDesire here is a site with bloated up junk, they only expect you to do is to click the ads on their site and make a quick buck.

Links and Forms that all end up in loops

Every link that you click on TalentDesire (Not the ads – stop clicking those), it links to another page of the site with obnoxious ads all over. Since they want you to spend more and more time finding that ‘Application Form‘, it gets annoying trying to find it. In fact, most of the links on the content that you think to lead you to it always seem to lead somewhere else with more ads.

To make you spend your time, they even took some effort to put in a ‘Calculate Your Earnings‘ calculator. Sure, earnings that one can only dream of! After a long long while, I managed to find that application form.

Later on, after submitting the form (with useless details and an email id made to test it), it said this:

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‘We will be in touch soon’? I’ve been waiting for a while and I haven’t even received a confirmation email to the address I gave. And I wouldn’t expect to get one anyway.

Talent Desire Review: So is it legit?

Absolutely not. It’s a scam! Though there doesn’t seem to be any form of cybercrime- no identity theft- occurring here, this module is NOT a good practice of making money. TalentDesire wishes people to spend more time on its worthless bloated up content (of no use)- So that they can earn more. Ads on it are the reason it still runs. There is no system for writers here.

Unless you want to waste time, it’s a no go for people who are trying to find some jobs.

Other details about TalentDesire

When there is an ‘About’ page on a company’s website, the main aim is to build trust among users. To show that the company stands out there somewhere. However, on TalentDesire’s ‘About’ page- not a single person’s name has been mentioned. No names, no addresses. Just information about their ‘Services’ which isn’t true either.

However, after some research with the help of sites that provide analysis on other sites- I found out that TalentDesire is about a year and a half old. It is hosted on Godaddy and it entirely runs on the open-source WordPress. What’s funny is that even Hiresine runs on Godaddy and is hosted on WordPress and provides the same sort of bogus content with ads all over the pages.

They even an SSL certificate. Apart from security, this helps them in ranking better on Google.

To match, both of these sites- TalentDesire and Hiresine- pay for the same keywords for Google search results. Coincidence?

Other reviews on Talent Desire

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It is interesting how a bloated up website of nothing is actually popular enough to make people search for its reviews.

Scrolling down to the comment section, there was one comment that said, ‘i registered in talent desire, but i didn’t get response.’ Yes, buddy, I didn’t get one too, I wouldn’t expect it either if I were you.

Luckily, people on Quora seemed to be more genuine and honest about their opinion of the site. Another set of reviews I found were Scamadviser, check them out here.

If there was anything more I could review on the site, I would. But there is nothing else in it. With that, I would like to end my review here. Thank you for your time:) If you’re interested in writing for the fun of it, then keep reading, I have something that could help.


Well, all of that is my perception of TalentDesire – My review of Talent Desire.

People who are already in this field know when they see a scam. So this was to help the beginners out there to not fall into traps.

If you’re new to the world of writing, let me tell you: There are a lot of scam sites out there. The legit sites are not just hard to get. They are hard to find among all of this. The best way to begin writing online is by writing for free. Write as a contributor or a guest to an already established site. For most, posts by guests aren’t paid writing works.

It takes a long procedure just to get your first piece approved. But it’s a start.

A thing about writing online, unlike traditional writing, there are many tools you can use to create the best version of your content. No, not text editor boxes, these help you with SEO (e.g. Yoast SEO) or for even grammar! Grammarly is by far the best tool for that.

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*This post contains affiliate links at no additional cost of the products to you. And I only recommend products that I personally trust :)

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