The Secret Lives of the Khotes’

Families are said to be a ‘family’ when people in it look after each other and take care of each others’ needs. That is all why families are formed for. To support one another and move on. But when people forget this and man’s cruelty rules over, then it makes a mess out of it. ‘Mess’ wouldn’t be the right word, because here, one person can ruin the lives of others in his own small life.

Here is an example of a family, the Khotes’ where everything seems fine from the outside, but inside…

The man of the family

This is a true story and it still is out there, but I can’t mention anyone’s names for legal reasons, my hands are tied again. So here’s the description of the man of the family.

He has a family of 4, two children and his spouse. He is a well-posted officer in a government department. Word is that his position is so high that if he wishes something to be done, then all he has to do is a command. With such a position, he has a lot of respect in the society around.

There’s nothing peculiar about this. What is peculiar is what he does when he comes home to his wife.

Literally kicking someone?

Back at home, the whole environment is turned around. Twenty long years and his wife fears to speak or to even sit idle in his presence. Why? Quite frankly, he beats the shit out of her.

I got this story from a friend of mine, the panda (one of the characters from my other stories). Panda’s mother is the closest person to this cruel man’s wife. Panda’s mom described me an instance of what happened when the Khotes’ came over to their house once.

The ‘respected’ man wasn’t present. Panda’s mom and his wife were in the bedroom. When the guest sat on the bed and rested her back against the wall behind, she gave a sigh of relief, “Ah…”

Panda’s mother found this odd and asked, “Why, what happened?”

The woman¬† replied, “Believe it or not, for twenty long years and I’ve never been able to sit with this much ease.”

Back in their own home, she describes her surroundings.

Once, Mrs. Khote had finished all her work at home, provided she’s a housewife. She was lying down on the floor to give herself a break. Her husband was walking by. As he walked by, he kicked her on his way. No reason. Nothing. And she didn’t ask about it either!

‘Suicide attempts’…and all in vain

Mrs. Khote has even made suicide attempts but never went through it. There is no one left to look at her anyway.

Her mother stays with her too, but she doesn’t seem to give a damn. Not even with the beatings. When her husband beats her and if her mother is present, she does NOTHING. She turns and looks away and nothing happens. From time to time, Mrs. Khote shares her emotions with her children.

Her children sometimes suggest killing their own father. When this came to my ears, it sounded like a nightmare. The only difference is that this is actually happening. It is happening all around you if you keenly observe.

Breathing through a pinhole

Panda’s mother has been Mrs. Khote’s close friend for some time now. They talk over the phone every day for hours together. She is the only hope left for Mrs. Khote. So much pain. So much burden. And no one in her own family to speak about it with. No one existing to support her. Panda’s mom is the only person she shares everything with.

If one day she leaves, then there will be nothing left of the family itself. Bluntly putting it in, Mrs. Khote’s only ray of hope to live is because of her. It literally is the way that she lives… ‘Breathing through a pinhole.’ Put a finger and shut that pinhole and life on the other side will perish. As simple as that.

And it hurts Panda’s mother too. Just to listen to the real cruelty that her friend experiences on the other side, pains.

A little about their daughter

As all these horrible events take place in their home, their daughter was sent away to her aunt’s at a very young age. She grew up there. She moved back to her own house when was a little older. During college days, with her home a little far, she would arrive late in the morning. According to college rules, you have to pay a fine to enter if you arrive late. She became a close friend of another latecomer soon.

Both of them decided that if they came late, then they wouldn’t bother to enter college. Instead, they would roam around KCD (an area with street food stalls everywhere) the whole day and then return back home. Now back at home, the whole roaming around isn’t uttered.

Panda got to know about this when she spoke with the girl herself. Given that she’s around our age, she openly told about what she does every day.

‘Why’ you ask?

The mentality of their daughter is the same as an orphan. No idea about the future, nor does anyone bother. Though she stays with her own family now after so many years, she’s still an outsider. Mrs. Khote feels that her own daughter is a guest in her house and hence cannot ask her about anything.

So that’s one life ruined right there.

Lives ruined at the cost of…

Let’s see who all have their lives messed up now. There’s definitely Mrs. Khote on number one, no doubt of that. And then there is their daughter… or a stranger now with nothing ahead of her. I would say Mrs. Khote’s mother is one among them too. If she is not ready to help her own daughter out of the mess, then what’s the point of living.

Humans exist with the purpose of giving service and that is all there is. And if a mother isn’t ready to give her child a helping hand, then there is no reason for her to live I believe.

All these people have been hiding and living in hell and for what? If they’re living in such an environment, death would be much better. And all for what? One so-called educated man, who cannot respect his own wife? With such a nature, there is no place for peace in his heart, that is certain. Why should such a man even exist, he can perish too.


This is just one family out there in this world. There are hundreds and thousands of others out there… some of them living in unspeakable environments and there is nothing anyone can do about it. Not you and not me.

But if you find this man cruel, then that makes two of us. We can’t tell such people about what is right or wrong. Such people don’t change. But what we can do is let more know. Now you know about it. Let the others know about it.

This doesn’t happen overnight, so over time let this make a change.

What is in our control is our future generation. Let there not be a world with more of such. Let there be more good than evil out there. Let’s make the world a better place.





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