Guide to Hiking Mount Batur- Bali!

mount batur

Again, I have to say that this was the best part of my whole stay in Bali. And probably one of the best mornings too! I mean, who wouldn’t want to wake up at 3 and trek up an active volcano and then enjoy the sunrise from there? Sounds exciting enough? Well, here’s how my Mount Batur Hiking went.

Waking up at 3 am

We had to wake up at 3 in the morning to start up early for the trek. The main feature of this trip was to sip in the beauty of the morning sunrise on a high peak. A high peak which also turns out to be an active volcano. Technically, its name just says ‘Mount’ Batur, but then it actually is a volcano… an active one (you can actually see smoke emerging from its core when you’re on the top).

The fact that it actually erupted just about two decades ago (2000) makes it all the more alluring to climb, doesn’t it? Wikipedia’s there to let you know all about the fun facts about it. This is just my hiking experience here… I’m sorry did it get awkward? Well, let’s just get on with it- so off we started!

It was pretty chilly in the morning. However, once we started up the Mt Batur, we started to slowly sweat on the inside.

What does one need for hiking Mount Batur?

Sure, you do have to hike it up. Take big steps up huge rocks to climb and so on. But honestly, you don’t need any hiking gear or anything as such. Rigid sports shoes and a jacket (if you feel too chilly) is actually sufficient if your body is in good shape. The locals who were guiding us up the mountain didn’t even have shoes.

Some of them were just around 15 years old with a pair of flip-flops and a stick. But it’s suggestible to put on your pair if your feet aren’t used to rough terrains. Apart from that, the trek takes around four hours, so you might need to get some water along with you. Carry a small bag pack with a water bottle, a hanky… probably and definitely a camera! That would be all that you’d need.

Camera- trust me, I am not into photography myself. But when I went up there, I felt the urge to take a few shots. How could one resist capturing the moment when you’re standing over the clouds?

Minimum Age Requirements for Mount Batur

However, it definitely is not a trip for young kids. There isn’t any rule as such for the younger ones. Kids- as long as they’re fit- they may join along. But I would personally say it’s better for the kid to be over 6 years old. At least 6.

My little brother at the time was just months old when we visited Bali. Thus my dad stayed back to look after him while we went up the beauty. And again, the hike can go flawlessly without much equipment only if you’re able. A little weak, better carry a stick, right? Nobody’s going to mind it.

When we hike up in the morning, we usually go along with a lot of other travel groups with their own guides. While we were going up, we got the news that a man over his fifties had just got injured and was being carried to an ambulance. So it’s better to be a little careful.

Hopping all the way down!

After the whole scenic view with the sunrise, it was time to finally come down. While coming down, there wasn’t any guide around. It probably is that way for most of us tourists. We didn’t need guides by then anyway. The sun was out and we could make our way down on our own.

I had a thick jacket on when I began up Mount Batur. When I was coming down, I was sweating and had my jacket tied around my waist and came all the way down- hoping. And let’s call that a wrap for this hiking experience, shall we?

If you’re going up there, happy hiking Mount Batur! And tell me all about it in the comments below!

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