What is Guest Posting?

Guest posting
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Sure, you will come across this numerous times in the writing business. Sometimes, it can even get a little confusing to understand why do people do this. Let me make this simple for you and help you understand what is guest posting.

Firstly, starting with the basic confusion, both the terms- guest posting and guest blogging refer to the same thing. One can say ‘I posted an article today’ or ‘I blogged today’. There is no difference.

Defining guest post

Moving on to the guest posting’s definition- it means to write a blog post or an article on another person’s website as a guest. Now, why would anyone wish to randomly visit another site and write an article for them? That would obviously help the site to grow and leave the guest’s hands almost bare.

So why guest post? Here is where the fun part steps in. Guest posting sometimes might help the guest post’s author more than the website on which it is submitted.

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Simply looking at it, sure it does bring more content to the website and may even help bring more traffic to it… eventually letting the website make revenue. But it guarantees to bring a percentage of traffic (usual a fresh audience who can relate to your niche) that it receives to the guest post author’s site through links.

A small example

Let’s say a website ABC gets around 1000 visitors per month. ABC is a website that focuses on music content. Another person with a site DEF decides to write a guest article for the site ABC. Now, the website DEF has content purely on Guitar. However, it is in some way related to the general topic- music.

Thus, the article that the person writes does not even need to verbally promote his or her own site. Links of the type ‘DoFollow’ can help out the person’s site traffic enormously if taken care of neatly.

What if there is no traffic from the site? When a guest post is written, you are always on the positive end. Even if the traffic received from the website to your site is less, it will help build your website authority in that particular niche. Hence, it can help your website rank better on search engines.

The part where your mind works…

So why do people write so many articles on ‘How to Guest Post’ and so on? There are even sites that offer training guide books on guest posting. Training manuals to write a blog on someone else’s site? This is because here’s the part where one has to figure out how to lure people in to actually read their article.

Writing an article is easy. Making it beneficial and actually profitable is tough. This is what all the manuals are about. One needs to figure out for oneself about which sites to get backlinks from. Some sites may have weak backlinking and can result in bringing down the authority of your site.

So thorough research has to be done to make sure is the site which the person writes for is legit. Thus, it contributes to getting strong backlinks. Next comes the audience- an article can go viral once posted by sharing. However, you cannot make a post go viral once posted.

There are a handful of other things that contribute to getting a good harvest from your guest post.

Here’s an article that might help you know more about Guest posting.

And finally…

Do NOT write an article as you would for a magazine or a newspaper. There are a lot of differences between writing for the internet and on paper. Here is the difference between writing for Online and Print.

There’s so much time to be invested for guest posting. Who’s willing to take up guest posts? Well, we are. Don’t mind if you’re a beginner, we can assist you along the way. If you have a chance now, why not give a try and write for a guest post for us.




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    I hope you are doing well. I have a very keen interest in writing from my childhood. But I have never till today, given any serious attempt to it. But now I have made my mind to do so. I would like to know from you about your experience in this field.

    1. Maddy

      Hey Mandeep,
      Thanks for visiting my blog here. Speaking of my experience in writing, I have been writing ever since I began to write. But coming into the world of blogging and content, I have just been here for a couple of years. I cannot personally tell you everything I know about writing. So tell me what do you really want to know about it?

      Again, thanks bud :)

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