What is the Difference between Blog and Website?

Every single person that thinks a little too much about the Internet gets to this basic question at some point in the beginning- we all know it. There are a number of things that make a blog and a website different… However, long answer short- a blog is technically a website that’s just dynamic. Or in other words, it is updated (mostly the content of it) quite frequently. Still a little tipsy here? Well, that’s what we’re to talk about today, aren’t we?… what is the difference between a blog and a website?

To begin with, all of that, let’s just begin with the very definitions of both discretely.

What is a blog?

If you look up for the term- ‘blog’, you’ll see that it says it is an informational site on the Internet that is written in an informal way. Now, here’s how I’d like to put it up:

It is your diary that’s totally written from your perspective in the way you want it that’s published on the Internet. Since it is ‘published’ everywhere, you’ll have an audience for it. How large an audience? Now, that all depends on how interesting your posts are to read… does sound simple, doesn’t it? Spoiler alert… it’s not! Maybe you’ll have your friends, family that know you reading your posts on your blog. But nobody wants to stop there if they’ve already made it to that point.

So what do they do next? Here’s where SEO (Search Engine Optimization) kicks in. It’s basically getting your interesting and informative posts easily available on Search Engines (typically Google). Because for a fact, billions of people search for what they want on Google.

Bouncing off the topic? Here’s an example: I personally like to write about my travels on my blog (this site you’re currently in).  Some time ago, I wrote a blog post on Dandeli- a sweet vacation spot I’d been to. The name of the blog post was- Dandeli Travel Blog. Now, go look up for that blog post name on Google… you’ll find my blog to be on the first page. Now, whoever searches for ‘Dandeli Travel Blog’ on Google is likely to come read my blog and thus I get a wider audience!

Blog niches

If you’ve heard people talking about blogs, then you’ve also heard of them talking about niches. Travel blog, marketing blog, music blog or something similar to that. ‘Why make niches when you can write about everything you know on your blog?’ you ask? This is the part that makes Google fascinating.

The algorithm behind the search engine is based on various parameters. One of them is authority also known as DA (Domain authority) today. It’s not as complex as it sounds to understand it- here’s an example:

Let’s say your car broke down. Now I am just a stranger, but I can fix your car and get it up running. And then there’s also a mechanic who’s known to repair cars for a living… so who would you go to now? Even if I could repair more efficiently, you’d definitely go to the mechanic. Why? Because the mechanic is someone you can trust your car with.

That’s exactly how Google works. So people who have been blogging for quite a while get this at some point in time and then stick to one particular niche. Take my site here for example. Back a couple of years ago when I was very new to this, I would write blog posts on a number of subjects. Heck, I wrote from philosophy to local cuisines all in this very site! I regret that.

What is a website?

We all know this one. It’s a collection of web pages all under one domain name. Technically speaking, if you are ‘online’ and surfing on the Internet- be it searching for something you want, chatting with someone on social media and of course- reading blogs… you are doing all of this on one website or the other.

But typically speaking, a website- for any organization, company, restaurant, or anything that wants to represent itself on the World Wide Web- mainly serves as an online brochure. An informative site that tells about the specific industry and its key features. No matter how websites can vary from one another, they have one goal; To provide information to an audience or its users.

Fun fact:- There are over a billion websites on the Internet today, 1.5 billion and counting to be specific. However, only about 200 million (some say 400 million) out of these sites are actually active. Again, this is because most of the World wide web is now a junkyard. Businesses that tried to flourish at one time hit the ground. But their sites remain of course. Even out of the businesses that run, most of the sites are static.

Sites that actually are active and remain active are blogs and other sites that serve as an application to its users. A good example of this is the E-commerce site- Amazon… and of course, Google itself is a website!

Difference between blogs and websites

When I term it as ‘Difference’, I think the word is too strong itself considering that a blog is just another type of a website. I mean, sure, I get it. There are blogging sites such as WordPress.com, Blogspot, Wix and so on. These are all websites that provide a platform for you to blog and most of them let you start a free blog! Well, they’re free with a lot of limitations… that’s a whole different ball game, you can find out about it here.

Anyway, these are all sites that let you blog on their websites. Essentially, in that case, you’ll have a ‘blog’ under their website. One of the most essential features of blogs is the audience. As I mentioned earlier, the main objective of websites is to provide information to an audience. For example, if I have a company named ‘Candyblogger’ which manufactures candies- then I make a website that tells all about its products, pricing, manufacturing and so on. So the site is live… now, how do I get people to know about the website?

This is right where blogs kick in. There are a lot of ways to get blogging involved here. The company may get its customers through a network of blogs that have viewership by paid promotions(oh, that’s how blogs make money- I’ll talk about it soon). Another way to get an audience is by maintaining their own blog. Many leading sites today have their own blogs. Godaddy is one such example:

godaddy blog
Click here to view Godaddy’s blog

Though these blogs aren’t the main business of these sites, it is done for the audience- not to mention, these are updated well and frequently.

Another good example of a company with its own blog is Amazon. It’s also popularly known as ‘Day One‘.

Having static or dynamic web pages

If you refer to a website as a blog, it has a limited number of pages with typically one page that is dynamic- also known as the ‘Posts’ page for people who use WordPress. Some of the pages that it would have is the ‘Contact’ and ‘About’ pages. If it has a certain number of niches that it targets, it might have them in separate pages- all of that customization depends on the blog owner/editor.

On the other hand, an informative website doesn’t have any dynamic web pages. Most of the time, even the home page is static. The entire site consists of static pages. While blogs may contain more posts than pages, websites have more static pages. That can all depend on the company and the developer behind the site- for instance, it may have a separate page for ‘pricing’, ‘privacy policy’, ‘disclaimer’… you get the

Anyway, if you by any chance think you see a static website updated frequently, then that’s not a static website… that’s a blog.

Why make a blog?

By now, I’d say you have an idea about blogs and websites. So websites have a purpose- to get exposure. But what about blogs? Why do people start them? To be honest, I started this blog just to vent my thoughts. That was all this was some time ago. But now that I see people engaging, it’s turning into a commercial blog.

With my experience here, I can say there are quite a few reasons why people would want to start blogging. One, to have a means of expressing oneself. Two, to make money. Yep, the second reason is the only reason why blogs are so popular. Because there is little investment at the beginning and it might generate huge passive revenue over time.

But don’t underestimate the work behind it! It takes a heck of an effort, a lot of time and definitely a lot of patience. Blogs that are successful today are at least over a couple of years old.

How do blogs make money?

People who invest in making a website invest in it without expecting a return from it. The site may get the potential customers/ clients but in the end- the website is not the source of income. But a blog, on the other hand, is expected to yield profits over time… just with the contents of it. So how does that happen?

  • Displaying ads. One of the simplest and fastest ways to get your blog to make money is by displaying ads on the blog. This can be done by signing up on any of the popular ad networks. If you look around this site, you’ll find some ads. Some of the well-recognized ad networks are Google Adsense and ValueImpression (If you’ve just begun, then Adsense is the best one to start out with. ValueImpression has much higher publisher requirements).
  • Affiliate Marketing. This one takes a little more skill but can definitely be profitable if you know how to allure people in to click links on your blog. If the user buys a product using the affiliate link, a commission goes to the blog- sometimes even up to 50%.
  • Selling your content. If you really have a wide and engaged audience… And if you think your audience is willing to pay to view your content, then you can charge for your content. It may be either in the form of an online course, book or even online subscription fee.

Well…? Start out!

If you’re thinking of starting out a blog, then better get started right away. Be it on a free blogging platform like WordPress.com or by self-hosting it, start it out and try for yourself! It isn’t really all that difficult to start with blogging. For a fact, you don’t even need any prior coding knowledge! Sign up where you think might best work out for you and start typing!

But do read these last few lines before you go, will you? Though the simplest way to start blogging is through a free blogging platform, I would strongly recommend using a self-hosted WordPress site like mine here. Because if you’re objective as a blogger is to earn, then making that possible from a free blogging platform is highly unlikely to happen. Moreover, with a self-hosted site, you have all the control over your site.

Though I am currently not using Godaddy, I would highly recommend using it! I’ve used it before and I regret shifting from that now. Well, that would be all to your question- What is the difference between blog and website? ….Have a good day bud!

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