“Books shape the minds of the youth”

I decided to write about this because there are people around me who do appreciate me for the fact that I have a habit of reading books, but there are also others who don’t appreciate the category of books that I read.

As I’ve mentioned in the ‘books’ page, I like reading mystery novels. Most of which start with a murder or a great crime and so on. So people advise me to read books that put minds at ease, not books that disturb our minds. I’m not sure how many of you will agree with me on this, but after a long day at college or sometimes in the college when I’m free, I like to sit around and read whichever novel I’ve got in my hands, let it be a mystery or a romantic one. It usually puts my mind at ease either way.

Another thing I’ve heard that they say is that not only our mind gets disturbed but can result in changing the way we look at things. Maybe this point is true to the ones who stick to one genre all the time, but that’s definitely not applicable to me. I do admit that mysteries are my favorite but I also stick up my nose into other genres too.

So over a period of time of reading, I’ve understood that whichever book I read, they’re all opinions and ideas of individuals. It’s our job to believe it as only a story and not mistake it for reality. Those individuals who are quite famous for their works, they’re famous not because their opinions are right, but just because their opinions are interesting to a wide range of people and because they have the capability to move people with their words. Very few people do have this capability but only some use it for the right reasons and others don’t.

I wish I could mention some of the names who misused this capability of theirs, but I guess it would be inappropriate on my blog.

So keep it in mind, whichever book you read, be mature enough to understand that whatever you’re reading is only a story and just read it like watching a movie for entertainment.

Dear readers, please do me a favor by commenting down below about the topics that you would like me to speak up on, it would really mean a lot.