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This one might come off pretty odd to you as I mostly write on travel here. But I had to begin writing on ‘writing’ itself at some point in time. People that I know who want to get started all seem to have the same problem. One- ‘How to write a blog post’. And of course, if it’s your first one- ‘What to write in your first blog post?’ Now when they come and ask me what they should write on. And guess what? I tell them all the same thing- write about anything.

Running this blog here for business, you might find it odd that I would suggest this. But it’s true. Everyone’s got to begin somewhere. Sure, there are a lot of successful bloggers out there who tell you about rules you need to follow before you seriously begin with blogging. But ask yourself this- why am I beginning to write all of a sudden. Personally, when I started this blog, it wasn’t for making money. Not even a little close.

This site was just a place to vent my thoughts and perspectives about things around me. That’s all it was. But things have changed now. I write about things that can be useful to people out there. So before you start, know why exactly are you doing this. But since you’re here already, don’t stress it. You want to make money out of a blog or not- either way, I’ve got some tips for you. Keep reading and let’s just hope it helps you get an idea.

Writing to make a living

I had to make these into two separate sections because writing for someone and for yourself are two different things. Here, let me tell you about writing for people or in other words- starting a business (at least in most bloggers’ eyes).

Selecting a niche

Assuming you’re completely new to this world of articles and the internet, it is sensible to start off with selecting a niche. Because when you’re writing keeping readers in mind, authority is the first priority here. Let me elaborate with an example. Let’s say your car broke down and you want to find yourself a car mechanic. You find two car mechanics.

The first one is a very knowledgeable person who turns out to be a doctor, an athlete, and of course, knows how to repair your car. The second person is your average car mechanic who has had a decade of experience repairing cars. Now, which one would you take your car to? It’s obvious- the second person- average car mechanic. This is exactly how Google and SEO works. 

Gaining Authority

When you have most of the articles on your site about a particular niche, you gain authority in that specific topic in Google’s eyes. So if you write a short article about a guitar on a music-related blog. And if someone else writes an even more informative article on the exact same guitar topic on a travel-related blog, Google still would prefer to rank your short less-informative post higher. Why? Because it trusts your knowledge on the topic- guitar and music.

Having said all that now, pick yourself a niche that you can write comfortably on. More importantly, a niche that you know a lot about or something you specialize in. So based on the niche you chose, you can start off your first article. It doesn’t have to be something very deep at first. For a start, it can be a very basic or general article on the niche you selected. It could be an introduction to the niche you are writing about. 

It can even be an introduction about yourself and about how you chose to write on that particular niche.

Keep your writing style in mind

Always remember- your first article is your first impression as a content writer/ blogger. Be it formal or informal, whichever way you wish to write, it’s completely alright. But once you begin writing in one tone, stay with the tone. My best suggestion would be to select a writing style which you’re completely comfortable with. It doesn’t have to have complex words. It doesn’t have to sound aesthetic, it can just be simple.

Once your first article is up, maintain the same tone and style for your next blog post. Why? Because like it or not, your blog is entertainment for your readers, no matter what. It may be informative and helpful to your readers, but if it goes down one day, they can still look up for the same information elsewhere. Now, if you plan on having an engaged audience for the posts you make, you need to give yourself a stand.

You can’t write in a subtle manner for one post and in a super cheerful manner in the next one just because you feel like it. So for your first blog post, choose a writing fashion that you’re comfortable with. One with which you are confident you can continue and keep up with.

What to write in your first blog post

Keeping all the stuff that I mentioned above, here are some ideas that you could use for your first blog post.

  • Introduction about yourself. Eg: – ‘Hello World! I’m the Madman’ or ‘A little about the Madman here’.
  • Introduction about the blog. Eg: – ‘What this is all about…’ or ‘Why I began to write about this now’ or probably just, ‘Here’s another Travel Blog’. 
  • Generalized article on the chosen niche. Eg:- (Considering the niche- travel) ‘Why should one  Travel around?’ or ‘Best countries to visit this summer’.
  • If not any of the above ones, you can even begin off with a detailed article about something very specific that you know about (in your niche, not anything else). But trust me, it wouldn’t be the best choice. I’ve done it myself and deleted the post a short while after I posted it. It wasn’t even in the niche that I currently focus on here… but if you look upon this site, you’ll find the first post to be irrelevant either way.

Anyway, this was the first article that I intentionally wrote on Travel just a year ago after dozens of posts that didn’t do well.

Writing for Pleasure

Just as I promised at the beginning, I would get you a couple of ideas for whichever reason you chose to start a blog. Let’s see what can you write for your first blog post if you are writing for yourself… write anything, but start. Here, there are no rules. When you write for your own satisfaction, there is no competition. Some are good, some are mediocre. Consider writing for yourself as practice grounds.

So you may begin writing with anything of your liking. It can be a pretty neat topic like, ‘Best places to visit in Singapore’ or even a bizarre one like, ‘Why cats really have fur and why I don’t?’ That came completely off-guard, didn’t it? Yep, this is exactly what a typical blog’s supposed to be.

One- begin, two- don’t give it away

If you’ve come reading all the way down here, I really appreciate it and thank you. But here’s my final word. Be it for anything you’re doing, you better begin first. What to write in your first blog post isn’t that big of an issue. ‘How to do it?’ probably is. All you’ve got to do is start.

Begin with something and share that with people you know. And if they think you write considerably well for a beginner, then that’s great! Now you have people to encourage you in writing. Sure there are successful bloggers out there that say you need to nail it for your readers on the first post. Because they believe that if the article is bad, then that results in losing your initial known readers.

If you’re in a dilemma of whether your writing is good or not, you can just show the blog to someone you know and ask if it’s good enough (You can even ask me if your article’s good or not). Even if you post a plain bad article, it doesn’t have to be the end of the blogging story. There is always room to improve as long as you stay down to earth with your blogs.

Having said all that now, that would be all for this out-of-place piece. I hope I could help you get some ideas. If you have any other cool ideas, you can comment down below and let’s have some discussion on it!

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