Why do Hippies have Long Hair?

why do hippies have long hair
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I’m surprised by the fact that people still ask this out on Google today – Why do hippies have long hair? Well, there is no definitive answer to this. There just isn’t. But here is everything to consider:

Hippies are known to be the counterculture (people who don’t go with the values of the mainstream society) originally from the 1950s to 1960s. It began as a youth movement where they believed in spreading love, not war. Speaking of the history of fashion, men growing long hair, usually over their shoulders, in the US served as a protest to the American involvement in the Vietnam war.

But we’ve come a long way since, and the word ‘hippie’ (or ‘hippy’) still exists today. 

Freedom, Travelers, and Long Hair

This could be another reason for the long hair. Prisoners and patients in mental asylums have their hair cut short. When out, long hair can be a symbol of freedom. But there’s no need for generalization of hippies.

why do hippies have long hair
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Today, we still see hippies around us. They’ve evolved too. Their beliefs on freedom and being non-judgmental haven’t changed, but they’ve come a long way. Hippies don’t need to wear bead necklaces and play a folk guitar down the road to be recognized as one.

While most hippies didn’t know where they were going, today they are way more secure. One good example would be famous travel bloggers today. These people sometimes travel with their own van and make more than most of the middle-class do – it’s true!

They have one leg in the business world and the other in living like a hippie. 

Be As You Are!

Like Mike Pozner’s Be as you are, there’s no hard and fast about your appearance to call yourself a hippie. Even what you do and how you live doesn’t have to be a particular way here. It can be all your own. Every hippie wants to be unique in their own way and they gladly accept all kinds of people.

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Or if you don’t like it, don’t call yourself a hippie either – even if you have that long flowing messy hair! I have hair almost up to my shoulders and tie it up in a bun when I go on long cycling rides. If you see me from afar, I look nothing less than one. However, I don’t have an opinion on it. 

I saw no point in spending time deciding if I was a hippie or not. Some already call me it, some don’t know what a hippie is. Either way, I don’t mind at all. There was no need to!

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Hippies Coming Together At a Spot

If you’ve followed fellow hippie influencers on Instagram, you’d have seen they meet other hippies (a lot). But they have their own spots that they like to reside in. For example in India, Goa is a good spot to find hippies.

Burning Man, Nevada is another temporary community of mostly hippies that comes to life once a year. However, Burning Man, on the whole, is about artistic performances and some would argue that it isn’t just for hippies. That’s another story on the whole.

Anyway, there are tons of hippie spots all around the world. Places where you’re free to be as you wish and live in a judgment-free zone. Which gives me the idea to write about the best hippie spots in India – Stay tuned, I’ll be posting that as well! :)

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Speaking of Style

There is no generalization when it comes to hair with hippies, and nor was there any talk about style with it. For most, long hair isn’t something that would go well. Harry Styles can pull it off, not us.

But that’s far from our discussion on why do hippies have long hair, let’s walk back.

Apart from the reason of being free, there is no other reason for having shoulder-length hair. For the most part, deep inside, the lack of care of one’s outer appearance is a great possibility for it.

Most hippies are always on the run, after all, visiting places, meeting new people, and learning about different communities.

Speaking of traveling, we’ve all been in quarantine for so long, haven’t we? I daresay many people have messy beards with hair uncut now. That includes me. Nobody’s meeting nobody for so long that it doesn’t matter. 

In fact, the only thing that has been a matter to me for a while is wondering if I’m a hippie myself. I didn’t know about the history of hippies before, but I certainly fit in with the ideas of freedom and the typical long hair appearance.

But I just don’t happen to go out much – at least not without a plan. I prefer to plan out my trips beforehand, book hotels online, and other stuff. By the way, check out Booking.com – the variety to choose from for a stay is amazing!



That would be actually cool then.

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But there’s still a pinch of dilemma to it. Anyway, when I secretly surfed through the internet to find out more about hippie stuff, I found a great piece on Medium on the 10 Signs That You May Be a Closet Hippie. I found it interesting as I fit in almost all the signs – or all. Check out how much of it can you relate to!


Maybe I should stop whining about hippies and cut my hair before I get back to college. Or maybe not, who bothers? Me? Absolutely not.

That’d conclude why do hippies have long hair

Still unsure of it? Thank you :)

Have a nice day!

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