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Submit a Guest Post: Some Guidelines

Note: I am currently not accepting submissions. Thank you.

If you had come here some time ago, then you’d have had a lot of topics that you could write on. However, now I’ve decided to make most of the content here on this blog of the niche- Travel

Well, travel and writing to be particular. But travel is more preferred.

A few things to keep in mind

Make sure that the submitted guest post does not, in any manner, promote any business or website. That’s called advertising. If you’re thinking of promoting your product, service or website here, well you’re in the wrong place bud. 

This page is purely for other aspiring bloggers. Now, assuming that you’re one of them, you may provide links back to your blog. As long as they are relevant to your submitted post, then it’s totally fine.

And finally, some of the other basic things you need to make sure:

  • Word length- At least a 1000 words. I don’t accept short blog posts and neither do I publish them from my end. I make sure all my content is completely informative (with a little bit of fun… nobody likes to read informative text that’s also boring) and of high quality.
  • Speak of images- First off, images are compulsory. Not just me, no blog visitor would like to just keep on reading simple text – that’s not what anyone would expect on a blog; especially a travel blog. It’d be great if you could provide images that haven’t been published on the internet before. If not, you can provide images along with their source links or from sites with stock-free images (like Pixabay).
  • Keyword- If you don’t know about this, it’s alright – it isn’t compulsory, but make sure the article revolves around something particular. For example, if you’re writing about a restaurant, you may talk about other places around it, compare it with others, or talk about other places that are similar. But come back to speaking about the restaurant in the end.

Go ahead, give it a try!

This guest post facility is open to everyone. It’s true that all posts cannot, however, be accepted immediately. Changes might be requested when reviewed.

You may submit your post in Google Docs, Word, or Pdf format to the address provided below. Before you submit your works, make sure to send an email regarding which topic you shall be writing on. Don’t worry, you shall receive a response to it as soon as possible.

This is done as I cannot accept all the articles that are submitted. Quite frankly, continuous irrelevant spamming does affect my end here. Hence this action. Anyway, here’s the email id:

If you are a newbie to writing and you wish to submit a guest post, no problem! Go ahead and give it a shot. 

Train yourself a little…

This is relatively a new system, some articles to help you out write your guest post have been provided below (more will be added… and will keep coming up here and then)



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