Submit a Guest Post: Some Guidelines

There are some guidelines that one need to follow in order to submit a guest post.

At the moment, we are accepting a particular set of niche posts. The niches that the submission can be about have been listed below:

  • Travel
  • Music (It can elaborate about any specific instrument of your wish)
  • A story/experience you wish to share
  • Fashion
A few things to keep in mind

Please make sure that the submitted guest post does not, in any manner, promote any business or website. However, you may use outbound links for further reference and images may include their sources. The submission should at least contain 1000 words. The article should also be plagiarism free. 

Go ahead, give it a try!

This guest post facility is open to everyone. It’s true that all posts cannot, however, be accepted immediately. Changes might be requested when reviewed

You may submit your post in Google Docs, Word, or Pdf format to the address provided below. Before you submit your works, make sure to send an email regarding which topic you shall be writing on. Don’t worry, you shall receive a response to it as soon as possible.

This is done as we cannot accept all the articles that are submitted. Quite frankly, continuous irrelevant posts might affect SEO of this page. Hence this action.

If you are a newbie to writing and you wish to submit a guest post, no problem! Go ahead and give it a shot. 

Train yourself a little…

This is relatively a new system, some articles to help you out write your guest post have been provided below (more will be added… and will keep coming up here and then)

If you have any doubts regarding the submissions, you may send a message in the form given below. You shall receive a response within 48 hours.