Writing a book for the first time!

writing a book for the first time
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Let’s be honest. The deadly virus has given us all more time to do house chores that we never had time for before! Way too much time actually. However, we also know that it’s led to a lot of unemployment, a drop in the economy, businesses getting bankrupt, and so on. Hard times for all of us. It again depends on how you take it. I’ve always wanted to write a book, and here’s my chance. Of course, I’ve written short stories back in school and pretty much all my life. But an actual book? Here’s about writing a book for the first time.

Why I really started writing

I write stories from time to time. I started writing these from the time I could hold a pencil. But only out of momentary moods. Usually, they would be small ones, with just about a couple hundred words. In high school, I did get serious with some stories and put a lot of time into them. One made it over twenty thousand words. Perhaps I could call it a book, but I never published it. Or any of these stories that I’d written.

Back to the point, with the coronavirus still rising, this blog took a drop. This started out to be a travel blog. But traveling? There is no way I can do that right now. Besides, who wants to read of traveling when everyone’s stuck at home? So traveling is out. That leaves me with one of the very few other things I’m good, one being writing. If you’ve observed, the last couple of posts I wrote were reviews of a few writing sites to keep it going. But looking for a longer run, I decided to write a book.

Speaking of Wattpad

Speaking of which, the book’s half done already. I might release somewhere around this time next month… mid-July. I’ll admit, another reason what brought me back to the idea of writing is Wattpad. I knew about the app a long time ago but never used it myself. With the time in my hands, I made an account for myself and I’ve been reading a lot on it lately.

I even posted a couple of stories that I’d written when I was younger. Check that out if you like ;)  Or not. They seem cringy now when I read them. But I can say I’ve come a long way since with so much change in the way I write.

But anyway, back to Wattpad, it’s by far the coolest platform I’ve seen for writers… and their app is so convenient! The scrolls, coin system, tags, comments, and even the ad placements, everything’s ideal.

Trying something different

When we were back in 12th grade, I and Kanishk (Yep, the guy who wrote the piece on Blockchain), we’re real suckers for sci-fi movies, sci-fi series, and pretty much any story that was sci-fi. We even planned our own stories, ideas, plots, and how we would carry it out, releasing them and everything. But with so less time with our busy schedules back then, all of it remained dreams. Well, they still are just dreams. But now we’ve got time, don’t we? So I decided to give it a shot, see where it goes.

The Ambirace – That’s the title of the story I’m working on. It is divided into episodes, just like chapters of a book. It’s a fictional sci-fi story. While I can publish straight away on Wattpad once done with it, I will be experimenting with it here, on this site. I have never seen anyone writing a story series on their own domain. They either go for online writing platforms like Wattpad or publishing them as a whole on Kindle or a hard-cover book. Since I already have a functional website here, I thought I might go for it.

A separate layout, convenient for readers and mobile users, is ready for the episodes so you’ll know when you’re reading one. With a little below a dozen episodes, 2 to 3 episodes shall be up every week. But since this is completely experimental and you’ll have to visit the site for every update, it might come out as troublesome. If it does, then you can wait. I will republish it later on Wattpad as a story again anyway.

But that shall be after this whole experiment – approximately six months after it is published here.

Writing ‘The Ambirace’

About this fictional story, it’s exactly as the name suggests. The word ‘Ambi‘ means ‘both’ as in ‘Ambiguous’ meaning to have more than one interpretation or a double meaning. And the other word ‘race’ is obviously the grouping of people. Here, the Ambirace are people that are neither human beings nor machines.

What makes them so special is that they themselves do not know they’re different. They can’t differentiate themselves from normal people. Nobody can.

However, what people do know is that they live among them and that they’re a lot more powerful than any human being. Though no one can really see the Ambirace, they know it protects them from outsiders. And the Ambirace stands famous for remaining undefeated. But what if an outsider figures how to break its integrity? More importantly, how will the city protect its people if the Ambirace that has been protecting them for decades, turns against them?

Thank you again!

I doubt that someone takes time to read this till here, but if you did, thank you! I assume that you’re interested. With that being said, I shall be notifying all my subscribers through mail when it launches. If you wish to read the story before anyone else does, be sure to subscribe! :)

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… you didn’t subscribe, did you? Either you already did that a long time ago or you’re just way too lazy. No offense intended. Hey, you could also not have time for reading a book! You never know. That’d be all for now, thank you for your undivided attention ladies and gentlemen, see ya!

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