“Getting my article published on Travelista Club for the first time”

Things to do in Indonesia, Batam Riau

My blog got approved recently by Writers Agency, which I found through the Travelista Club. I had been thinking for quite a while, wondering on which place should I write on.

Then I went through the articles on Indonesia and found that there were almost no articles on the city called Batam Riau. I had been living there for about 8 years thus I know the best restaurants, best places to visit there and so on. So I decided to take up the opportunity to write on this calm island.

If you wish to visit Indonesia and enjoy the peacefulness of the beaches without spending too much, then you should definitely visit Batam Riau. Not that the trip will be cheap, but it’s absolutely worth the price that you pay. Moreover, another plus point is that it’s very near to Singapore. It takes approximately an hour ferry ride from HarbourFront, Singapore.

Like every other place in the world, Indonesia has its own set of things that one should do if one visits, for example-Snorkeling. Most of those things are available in Batam Riau itself. Apart from this, there are some places in Batam Riau that I’m sure you would love to see.

Anyway, I have included the majority of things that you should see and do here, all in my article. Since I’ve lived there for so long, I’ve also mentioned some of the things that you should avoid doing when you’re there.

So if you are in a mood to stretch your legs from your busy life for a while and breathe with blissfulness. Get your backpack ready and visit this heavenly region. And for your better experience, click the link above, I’m sure it’ll prove to be very handy.

Hope you enjoy your vacation!