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Why Not To Use Grammarly?

The question isn’t – Why not to use Grammarly? It is When. Truth be told, I use it for most of my works. In fact, I use Grammarly to help me. But for some particular works, I avoid doing so. In this article, we’ll see when NOT to use Grammarly and why. Is Grammarly Safe? Yes, Grammarly …

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Best Ways to Avoid Plagiarism in Writing

ways to avoid plagiarism

Best ways to avoid plagiarism in writing – Nobody likes plagiarized content when it comes to writing. Any content that’s plagiarized is never welcomed with open arms. But when someone plagiarizes today, it isn’t just about people liking it or disliking it. Today with copy-and-pasting so easy, it’s crucial for content anywhere to be ‘original’. …

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